2018-07-16  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] Re-run aclocal. master
2018-07-16  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] 0.0.12 changelog configutil_v0.0.12
2018-05-08  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] 0.0.11 changelog configutil_v0.0.11
2018-05-08  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] Fix sprintf 'redundant argument' issue.
2018-03-13  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] 1.0.9 changelog configbuild_v1.0.9
2018-03-13  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Fix for Stretch requirements.
2018-01-25  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] 1.0.9 changelog
2018-01-25  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Fix redundant sprintf arguments issue.
2015-10-28  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] 0.0.10 changelog configutil_v0.0.10
2015-10-28  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] Use /usr/lib as dataroot directory.
2015-10-26  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] 1.0.8 changelog configbuild_v1.0.8
2015-10-26  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Disable hash seeding.
2015-10-22  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] 1.0.7 changelog configbuild_v1.0.7
2015-10-22  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Fix output list sort order in read_subst_...
2015-09-24  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Add output list sort order in read_subst_...
2015-09-22  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] 0.0.9 changelog configutil_v0.0.9
2015-09-22  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] Fix AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE invocation and update...
2015-09-22  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] Bump debhelper compat to 9.
2015-09-22  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil-httpsync] 0.0.9 changelog configutil-httpsync_v0.0.9
2015-09-22  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil-httpsync] Fix AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE invocation...
2015-09-22  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil-httpsync] Bump debhelper compat to 9.
2015-09-22  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Use dh_prep in debian/rules.
2015-09-22  Ruslan Kabalin[libconfigutils-manifest-perl] Use dh_prep in debian...
2015-09-22  Ruslan Kabalin[libconfigutils-perl] Use dh_prep in debian/rules.
2015-09-21  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] 1.0.6 changelog configbuild_v1.0.6
2015-09-21  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Fix output values sort order in read_subs...
2015-09-21  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Rebuild expected manifest files to match...
2015-09-21  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Fix AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE invocation and updat...
2015-09-21  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Bump debhelper compat to 9.
2015-09-21  Ruslan Kabalin[libconfigutils-manifest-perl] 0.0.3-1 changelog libconfigutils-manifest-perl_v0.0.3-1
2015-09-21  Ruslan Kabalin[libconfigutils-manifest-perl] Sort file hashes prior...
2015-09-17  Ruslan Kabalin[libconfigutils-manifest-perl] Add libswitch-perl missi...
2015-09-17  Ruslan Kabalin[libconfigutils-manifest-perl] Bump debhelper compat...
2015-09-17  Ruslan Kabalin[libconfigutils-perl] 0.0.6-1 changelog libconfigutils-perl_v0.0.6-1
2015-09-17  Ruslan Kabalin[libconfigutils-perl] Bump debhelper compat to 9.
2013-06-10  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] 1.0.5 changelog configbuild_v1.0.5
2013-06-10  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Fix undeclared test.
2013-06-10  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Remove dev artefact
2013-06-06  Andrew Robert... [configbuild] Workaround CPAN issue 75390
2013-05-09  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] 1.0.3 changelog configbuild_v1.0.4
2013-05-09  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Update autoreconf output
2013-05-09  Ruslan Kabalin[configbuild] Remove libdigest-sha1-perl dependency
2013-05-07  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] 0.0.8 changelog configutil_v0.0.8
2013-05-07  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] Remove libdigest-sha1-perl dependency
2013-05-07  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] Update autoreconf output
2013-05-07  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil] Replace pkglib_DATA with pkgdata_DATA
2013-05-01  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil-httpsync] 0.0.8 changelog configutil-httpsync_v0.0.8
2013-05-01  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil-httpsync] Remove libdigest-sha1-perl dependency
2013-05-01  Ruslan Kabalin[configutil-httpsync] Update autoreconf output
2013-05-01  Ruslan Kabalin [configutil-httpsync] Reflect Digest::SHA switch in...
2013-03-13  Andrew Robert... [configutil-httpsync] Switch to use Net::SSL configutil-httpsync_v0.0.7
2013-03-13  Andrew Robert... [configutil-httpsync] Switch to use Digest::SHA
2012-10-18  Andrew Robert... [configutil-httpsync] Update dependencies for Wheezy... configutil-httpsync_v0.0.6
2012-10-18  Andrew Robert... [configutil-httpsync] Updated autoreconf output as... configutil-httpsync_v0.0.5
2012-10-18  Andrew Robert... [configutil] Updated autoreconf output as per debian... configutil_v0.0.7
2012-10-18  Andrew Robert... [configutil-httpsync] Update dependencies for Wheezy...
2012-10-18  Andrew Robert... [configutil] Update dependencies for Wheezy compatability
2012-07-04  Andrew Robert... [configbuild] Updated autoreconf output as per debian...
2012-07-04  Andrew Robert... [configutil] Fix package dependency for libdigest-sha... configbuild_v1.0.3
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[libconfigutils-perl] 0.0.6 changelog
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[libconfigutils-manifest-perl] 0.0.3 changelog
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configutil-httpsync] 0.0.4 changelog
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configutil] 0.0.6 changelog
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configbuild] 1.0.2 changelog configbuild_v1.0.2
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[libconfigutils-perl] bump debhelper compat to 7
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[libconfigutils-manifest-perl] bump debhelper compat...
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configutil-httpsync] bump debhelper compat to 7
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configutil] bump debhelper compat to 7
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configbuild] bump debhelper compat to 7
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[libconfigutils-perl] Fix package name
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[libconfigutils-perl] Copyright/author/maintainer fixes
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[libconfigutils-manifest-perl] Copyright/author/maintai...
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configutil-httpsync] httpsync change list for GPL
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configutil-httpsync] Authors/maintainers/copyright...
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configutil-httpsync] ChangeLog refers to debian/changelog
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configutil] debian/control maintainer address fix
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[*] Remove Subversion $Id$ and $URL$ keywords
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configutil] Fix copyright statements and contact details
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configutil] configutil change list for GPL
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configutil] AUTHORS and Changelog updates
2011-05-27  Chris Allen[configbuild] copyright / author statement fixes
2011-05-26  Chris Allen[configbuild] AUTHORS and Changelog updates
2011-05-26  Chris Allen[configbuild] configbuild change list for GPL
2011-05-26  Chris Allen[common] Remove luns-package-prepare files
2011-05-26  Chris Allen[libconfigutils-perl] Stripped luns-pkg-prepare templating
2011-05-26  Chris Allen[libconfigutils-manifest-perl] class creation regexp fix
2011-05-26  Chris Allen[libconfigutils-manifest-perl] Stripped luns-pkg-prepar...
2011-05-26  Chris Allen[configutil-httpsync] Stripped luns-pkg-prepare templating
2011-05-26  Chris Allen[configutil] Stripped luns-pkg-prepare templating
2011-05-26  Chris Allen[configbuild] Stripped luns-pkg-prepare templating
2010-11-10  Kimball Johnson[configbuild] Set LC_ALL before running tests
2010-07-30  Chris AllenMerge commit 'origin/master'
2010-07-30  Chris Allen[debian/changelog] for 1.0.1 configbuild_v1.0.1
2010-07-30  Chris Allen[configbuild] undeclared_files tests
2010-07-30  Chris Allen[configbuild] unit test infrastructure improved
2010-07-30  Chris Allen[configbuild] file removal on unbuilt systems fixed
2010-06-28  Andrew Robert... [solaris/libconfigutil-perl] Add Perl6::Export::Attrs...
2010-06-25  Andrew Robert... [solaris/m4] Correct VARLIB directory for Solaris insta...
2010-06-25  Andrew Robert... [solaris/m4] Alter the path to the configutil manifest...
2010-06-24  Andrew Robert... [solaris configutils] Create log and lock directories